"We care, because YOU matter!"
"We care, because YOU matter!"

If you need care, then hire The Alpha-Team!


We offer personalised care services to children and also adults with dementia, continuing health needs, palliative care, young disabled, speech & language limitations, visual and auditory impairments.


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We love it when a care plan comes together!


We offer a range of home care services, tailored to meet client individual needs. These include:

  • Personal care (such as getting up and putting to bed, personal hygiene)
  • Preparing light snacks and meals
  • General help (such as shopping, housework, running errands etc.)
  • Sitting in services (maybe overnight or just for companionship)
  • Devise and deliver total Care Packages
  • Continence care
  • Exercise programmes under the instruction of a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.
  • Supporting clients with daily living tasks.
  • Signposting and assistance with the personalisation agenda, “individual budgets” etc.
  • Domestic Support


Specialist tasks:

From time to time care workers may be asked to undertake some tasks, which may be considered to be specialist. These tasks may be undertaken following appropriate risk assessments and only after specific training. The care worker will be trained in the procedure before undertaking the tasks with the person with care needs by a trainer with a relevant qualification, e.g. occupational therapist, speech therapist, or nurse. Such tasks may include:


  • Assisting with artificial feeding
  • Changing sterile dressings
  • Tracheotomy care – oral suctioning
  • Assistance with eye or ear drops
  • Ileostomy and colostomy care – changing of bags


Therapeutic Activities

Alpha Home Assist has a policy of promoting the maintenance of Service Users’ normal social network and social activities. The Service User’s Care Plan includes a facility for recording life history, social networks and contacts, and preferences for activities and hobbies in order that the Service User is offered access to those networks and activities which are appropriate and desired.


Care workers WILL NOT undertake tasks that require the skills and expertise of clinical professionals. Such tasks include:

  • Toe nail cutting
  • Ear syringing
  • Removing or replacing urinary catheters
  • Bowel evacuations
  • Bladder washouts
  • Injections – involving assembling syringes, administering intravenously, controlled drugs
  • Filling of oxygen cylinders
  • Lifting from the floor unaided
  • Tracheotomy care – changing tubes


Alpha Home Assist does not provide nursing care services other than those already referred to.


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